Risk Modules

Symbiant Risk Management Solution has all the features and tools you will need to easily embed an enterprise-level risk management solution across your business with over 200 template risks ready to use

Overview Videos

Below is a selection of our risk related overview videos. Packed full of information and details.

Risk Register Module

The Symbiant Risk Register module, compile, manage and report on the company’s risks.

Risk Workshops Module

The Symbiant Workshops Module, provides a sandbox virtual environment. You can organise and manage groups to collaborate on risk assessments including scores and treatment plans. 

Incident Reporter Module

The Symbiant Incident Reporter module. Users can report incidents, hits and near misses or even issues such as customer complaints.

Symbiant KRI Features

The Symbiant KRI Feature module. An Early warning system to record environmental factors that may affect risks, individual RI’s can aggregate to an overall KRI

Controls and Policies Module

The Symbiant Controls and Policy module. Assess and test the controls to ensure they are working and see which are your most valuable controls

Questionnaires, Survey and Assessment

The Symbiant Questionnaires, survey and assessment. Create questionnaires and surveys to assess risks and assets within your company.